Who is PANAT and What is Our Goal?

LungUnholysmoke.org is the official website of Physicians and Nurses Against Tobacco (PANAT) and all those who stand with us in voicing our anger and outrage over the scourge of tobacco. Physicians and Nurses Against Tobacco is convinced that tobacco is a social evil harnessing societies the world over with the burden of repairing the damage it causes. Tobacco addiction perverts the person’s natural drive and reward system. It disconnects the intellect from the will. It renders the person irrational and in effect dehumanized. This demonstrates to us that tobacco is a moral evil as well. DID YOU KNOW? Today 80,000 adolescents worldwide will smoke their first cigarette! One third of them will eventually die an early death from a tobacco-related disease! This is the website of Physicians and Nurses against Tobacco, Inc. We are a non-profit organization in the fight against addiction in all its’ forms. Many of us work in addiction medicine and we understand the damage caused by tobacco. We are aware of the enormous cost of tobacco use in terms of its’ negative medical and social effects. Please join us in our efforts to address this problem.

Get involved and kick the habit!

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