About Us

UnholySmoke.org is the internet collaboration of Physicians and Nurses Against Tobacco, Inc. (PANAT). This group assembled in 2007 in Rhode Island out of grave concern for the future of a tobacco-ridden society. After witnessing the effects of smoking on the health and relationships of our patients, we healthcare workers realized that the message to quit was not effective enough.

Unholysmoke.org displays our effort to change public attitudes and policies toward the production, distribution, sale and use of tobacco. Leaders are entrusted with the care and protection of their citizens. They can no longer overlook the scientific research demonstrating the danger of tobacco. It is the intention of Unholysmoke.org to unify and amplify our voices, persuading those who can and must regulate human activities to condemn the tobacco industry.

Physicians and Nurses Against Tobacco, Inc.:

  • Elaine Anderson CNS
  • Elizabeth Baker PhD
  • Istvan L. Berkes MD
  • Gyorgy Bogrod MD
  • Robert E. Burns MA
  • Roger A. Boshes MD
  • Meredith Hanrahan Boshes RN
  • Maureen Casey RN
  • Charlene A. Correia RN
  • Eliane Costa LMHC
  • Claude A. Curran MD
  • Patrizia Coratti Curran MD PhD
  • Prof. Vito D’Andrea MD PhD
  • Alfred E. Darby MD
  • Maria Ferreira LICSW
  • Harry Ford MD
  • Prof. K.H. Ginzel MD
  • Mary Goncalo RNCS
  • Camille Hamel RN
  • Robert S. Hamel RN
  • Daniel S. Harrop MD
  • Diane Haskell RN
  • Jonathan King
  • Neil Levy RN
  • Jennifer Lombardo RN(cand)
  • Alfredo Martija MD
  • Dennis Martin RN,LICSW
  • Lloyd Matsumoto MD
  • Denis Mazeika MD
  • Sheila McQuillan LISCW
  • Patricia Q. Meomartino RN
  • Valentin Milchev MD
  • John Mitchell LICSW
  • Catherine T. Norton MA
  • Claire Norton MSN, RN
  • Ann O’Donnell LICSW
  • Charu K. Patel MD
  • Melissa Pattie RN
  • Leroy Pletten PhD
  • Patrick Reynolds
  • Federico Rocco
  • Anita Szabo MD
  • John Townsend LICSW
  • David Weed PhD
  • Thomas R. Zimmer BA

“Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity!”
(Horace Mann)

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