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Current Project: PETITION

We are assembling the names of colleagues, friends, and supporters who share our strong feelings against tobacco. This petition will serve as a public demonstration and witness of our conviction that the use of tobacco must be condemned. This petition will be addressed to those in positions of authority, reminding them of their obligation to teach us what is right and virtuous and to protect us from what is dangerous.

Please sign our petition.

This petition will first be presented to Pope Benedict XVI as Head of State of the Vatican and an important religious leader. We will ask him to condemn tobacco and also to declare the Vatican the first tobacco-free country! Our petition will be published in the New York Post newspaper in April 2008 on the occasion of his first visit to the United States. Please assist us in this effort.

Please sign our petition. We are asking the participation of everyone concerned about tobacco. Please tell your family members, friends, colleagues, and neighbors about this petition and ask them to sign as well. Help us to win a victory of benefit to us all. We especially request the participation of schoolchildren – and we ask them to tell their friends about the petition.

Please sign our petition, also if possible make a small donation – full-page newspaper space is expensive!

Donate today! You can help us change the world!